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MLS Innovation Inc. was established in October of 1989 in Thessaloniki, Greece; its objective was to research, design, develop, produce and market electronic devices and high-tech products, with particular emphasis on innovation.

Our goal is to simplify our customers lives, by developing new technologies and incorporating them into unique, easy-to-use products, creating experiences that make peoples lives easier.

In is first decade of operation, MLS developed multiple software applications, as well as firmware for various electronic products. At the same time, the companys research in the field of security and protection against illegal software copying led to the development of the innovative CD-ROM locking method, LaserLock.

In 1999, the company was awarded the Gold European Technology Prize for LaserLock; in May of 2001, the company was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

After the release of the first voice recognition and artificial intelligence application in 2004, in 2006 MLS launched in the Greek market the innovative MLS Destinator Talk&Drive, a GPS device that combines navigation and voice recognition. At the same time, the company extended its operations abroad and began exporting to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Chile, Morocco and Cyprus.

In 2010, the company developed interactive classroom boards and won a contract from the Greek State to supply them to public schools throughout the Greek territory.

2012 was a milestone for the company, since it saw the launch of its first mobile phone, the MLS IQTalk, the first Greek Android smartphone that incorporates voice recognition and artificial intelligence technologies.

The company continued to keep up with technological developments and to utilize its knowhow; in 2013 it marketed its first tablet to the public, and in 2015 it launched the first integrated Android smart TV with incorporated MAIC (MLS Artificial Intelligence Center). This marked the companys entry into a new market, within the framework of its policy of broadening its product range in order to meet more consumer needs in the home entertainment segment.

AIC is one of the most important innovations in MLS history, and it is now incorporated into all of the companys tablets and smartphones. MAIC represents a spectacular development in the tablet or smartphone user experience that interacts with its owner. With a simple voice command from the user, MAIC makes calls, sends text messages and emails, searches the web and YouTube; locates, calls and navigates to open pharmacies, hospitals, banks, and gas stations; notifies about nearby parking facilities, traffic, and weather reports; and translates words or phrases from Greek to English and vice-versa.

In December of 2016, MLS launched and released in the market its new innovative smartphone series, MLS Easy, addressed to the large number of users who still use 2G technology phones and making it easier for them to get access to internet services on their phones. At the same time, also in 2016, the company created MLS Magic, an innovative product that belongs in the hybrid device category (laptop + tablet) and runs on two operating systems (Android and Windows), giving users the option of using one device for both work and play.

In 2017, the company released MLS Safe, a pioneering development in the privacy and personal data security segment.

In January 2019, MLS Innovation Inc. announces the official launch of the new MAIC (MLS Artificial Intelligence Center), the first European Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition Platform. The smart digital assistant has human form and makes enriched dialogue. The new platform by MLS is the most important and most valuable project that MLS has implemented in its 29-year history.

The company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001 and participates in the Athens Stock Exchange General Index (ASE General Index ASE:IND), in the Mid Cap Index (FTSE/ATHEX Mid Cap), and in the Tech Index (FTSE/ATHEX Tech).

MLS Innovation Inc. is closely associated with innovative technological products, which result from the companys evolution over time and are based on its experience in the sectors of multimedia applications, usability of electronic devices, linguistics, voice recognition and composition, security, and artificial intelligence.

Many of our products, which fall under seven different categories, are unique in their kind and can be applied in any area where computing devices are used, from the automotive sector and education to office work and entertainment.